What are the leash laws in the county?

There are none.


How do I know if there is a no-burn order in place?

When a burn ban is enacted by the board of the County Commission it is published in the newspaper. Additionally, we usually post it on Facebook.

How do I get a burn permit?

Call and talk to your local Fire Department.

What should I do once I obtain a burn permit?

Ensure you are in contact with your local fire department to let them know when you start burning and when you are complete.

What are the rules before I burn?

The law stipulates that starting a fire and leaving it unattended is prohibited, and it must be fully extinguished within 30 minutes after sundown.

What am I allowed to burn?

Contact your local fire department to find out what materials are safe for burning.

Child safety seats

What are the age and weight limits for child safety seats?

*Ages 3 and under are required to be in a car seat with a harness, and ages 4 through 7 who are less than 80 pounds or 57 inches must be in a car seat or a booster seat. Ages 8 and over (including adults) must wear a seatbelt.

Where can I obtain a free child safety seat?

You can contact KHP to make that request.

Common Questions

How do I find out if I have a warrant?

If you suspect you have an active warrant, you can visit the Sheriff's Office with valid identification, and we will conduct a warrant check.

My vehicle was towed, how do I get it back?

Contact Allen County Communications to determine which agency towed your vehicle and get in touch with that agency.

If I call the sheriff's office and no one answers or the line doesn't roll to communications what should I do?

If this happen, hang up your phone and call dispatch @ 620-365-1437

Concealed Carry

What are the conceal carry laws in Kansas?

Kansas no longer requires you to have a CCH permit to open carry or conceal carry.

How do I obtain a CCH permit?

You are required to attend a certified CCH class and fill out the application on the Attorney General's website. Upon completion, it is necessary to visit your local Sheriff's Office to undergo fingerprinting and submit the required fees for processing your application to the AG's Office.

Can I carry a concealed weapon on my person or in my vehicle?

Yes, in the State of Kansas. You will need to check the laws of any other states to ensure compliance.

Can I bring a gun into the courthouse and/or court room?

Kansas State law allows you to carry concealed in the courthouse proper, but it is against the law to carry any weapon into the court rooms.

When do you offer firearm safety courses?

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for announcements of upcoming classes.

When can I apply for a CCH permit?

Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm, or during the Allen County Sheriff's Office hours of operation..

Can a person fire a weapon on private property?


Am I required to register my firearms?


Courthouse Security

What items are prohibited?

ALL weapons are prohibited in ALL of the courtrooms.


When did Kansas adopt laws for the sheriff?

Office of the Sheriff was adopted in 1855 when Allen County was founded

What is the difference between a Sheriff's Office and Sheriff's Department?

The difference is that a Department is governed by the BOCC and an Office is elected by the citizens

How long is the term of office?

4 Years


When can I visit an inmate?

On Saturdays and Sundays, you'll need to contact 620-365-1402 to determine their location and visiting hours.

How do I put money on an inmates account?

Two kiosks are available in the lobby of the Sheriff's Office for visitors to deposit funds into an inmate's account or to purchase phone cards.

How can I find out who is in jail?

You can check this website as it is updated several times a day.

How do I bond an inmate out?

Contact an approved Bail Bondsman for the area and make the arrangments with them to come to the Allen County Detention Center to take care of the paperwork before they can be released.

Can I bring food to an inmate?


Can I bring medicine to an inmate?

We can administer a day or two of medication at the time of arrest, or have a family member bring it to the individual shortly after the arrest to ensure they continue their medication until we can order and receive more.


How do I apply to be a corrections officer or a deputy?

You can pick up an application at the Sheriff's Office and return the completed form to the office. We are currently working on enabling online application submissions.

Juror Duty

Where do I report for jury duty?

You will need to report to the Clerk of the District Court.

Who do I find out if I still have jury duty?

Contact the Clerk of the District Courts @ 620-365-1425

Medication Drop Box

How do I dispose of old or unwanted medication?

You may bring them to our office and deposit them in the medication drop box located in the lobby.

Can I dispose of illegal drugs that I have found? If so will I be questioned?

You may bring them to our office and deposit them in the medication drop box located in the lobby. It depends on the situation behind the disposal, but not necessarily.

Registered Offenders

For the Offender

How do I know if I have to register as an offender?

At the time of sentencing through the courts, the procedures and requirements will be communicated to you.

When can I do my routine registering?

These tasks can be completed by contacting the Sheriff's Office to schedule an appointment with the front office 620-365-1400.

What do I need to bring with me to register?

When completing the registration process, it is required to bring your current identification and remit a $20 fee for processing.

What happens if I forget to register?

In the event of a failure to register or oversight in registration, there is a 31-day window to ensure compliance.

I live out of town but work in Allen County do I need to register in both places?

You will need to register in both the county where you live and the county where you work.

For the Public

How can I find out if someone is a registered offender?

You can look them up on the KBI website or go to Offender Watch.

How can I find out when someone is released from jail?

You can visit the VINE network by visiting www.vinelink.com.


Civil Process

I came home to find a paper stuck in my door, what now?

Contact the Sheriff's Office at 620-365-1400 to provide your name and arrange a suitable time for the deputy to visit for service or to schedule an office visit to be served.

How do I find out if you are trying to serve me papers?

Contact the Sheriff's Office and talk to one of the Administrative Assistants 

How much does it cost for the sheriff's office to serve papers for me?



How do I obtain my fingerprints for employment or foster care?

Contact the Sheriff's Office to schedule an appointment for fingerprinting.

How much does it cost to get my fingerprints done?

We charge $10 for prints

What hours can I get my fingerprints done?

Finger printing services are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Vacation Watch

How do I get my house added to the extra patrol list while I am out of town?

If you wish to have extra patrol around your property, please contact the Allen County Communications Center at 620-365-1437. Provide them with your pertinent information, including the dates of your departure and return. Thank you.


How do I make a KORA request?

Our normal requests go through the County Clerk

How do I obtain a copy of an accident report?

Request one in person at the Sheriff's Office

What does it cost to get a copy of an accident report?


Civil Standby

How do I request a civil standby?

To arrange for a civil standby, call the Allen County Communications Center to request the presence of a deputy.

What are the parameters of a civil standby request?

During most civil standbys, a deputy is present while the individual collects personal belongings for a short period of time. However, it is not feasible for us to remain on the scene for extended hours unless mandated by the court to remove all property. If this poses an issue, alternative arrangements will need to be made later. Calling in advance is encouraged in case deputies are busy on emergency calls.

Child Exchange

How do I request a witness for a safe child exchange?

Most of the time, we request that you meet at the Sheriff's Office for the exchange. The designated area for the exchange is the front of the building. Our premises are equipped with video cameras to record the exchange, and we also have deputies nearby in case their assistance is required. If coming to the office is not feasible, call the Allen County Communications Center at 620-365-1437 and arrange for a deputy to meet you.

Protection from abuse or stalking order

How do I get a PFA?

Orders may be acquired through the courts by visiting the courthouse and completing the necessary paperwork, or through the utilization of the KS POP website for online submission www.kspop.org. Assistance can be sought from one of the deputies for guidance and explanation. Additionally, individuals seeking a PFA are advised to file a police report.

How do I get a stalking order?

Same as "How do I get a PFA?".

What happens if I violate a PFA or PFS?

Violating either of these orders will result in a mandated arrest according to Kansas State Law.

What if I want to get back with my ex and don't want the PFA to be valid anymore?

The person who filed the PFA/PSF MUST have the order dismissed by the courts prior to getting back together or they will still be in violation of the order and can be arrested.

VIN Inspections

How can I request a VIN inspection?

Contact the Allen County Communications Center at 620-365-1400 for VIN Inspections. At our Allen County Sheriff's Office location, inspections are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Additionally, we offer the option for a deputy to conduct inspections at your preferred location within Allen County at any time by calling in advance.

Do I have to bring the vehicle to you or will you come to me?

If you are coming to the Allen County Sheriff's Office for a VIN inspection, you must bring the vehicle with you.

Can you inspect salvage/rebuilt titles?

No, Salvage and rebuilt titles can only be inspected by the Kansas Highway Patrol. 620-431-2100.

What all do I need to have when I request a VIN?

You will need your Title/Certificate of Origin or Bill of Sale, a drivers license, and $20 in cash or check made out to the Allen County Sheriff's Office.


Where are the shelters located?

Many cities in the county have multiple shelter locations. If you contact your local city hall, they will be able to inform you about the shelters in your area and help you find the closest one to your location. You can also follow Allen County Emergency Management on Facebook for weather information.

Where can I learn more about severe weather?

For in-the-moment weather updates, follow your news station, TV, and Allen County Emergency Management Facebook Page.

Sheriff's Sales

When and where are sheriff's sales conducted?

Sheriff sales vary from month to month. If scheduled, they are conducted in the large courtroom at 10:00 AM and always on a Wednesday.

How can I find out about cancellations?

For cancellations, please check with the Sheriff's Office on the Tuesday before the sale.

How can I learn about what properties or items are for sale?

All property intended for sale at a Sheriff's auction is published in the local newspaper.

How can I see the property to be sold?

The official description will be listed along with the commonly known address.

What information is published on items up for sale?

The only thing listed will be the address and the date of the sale.

Where can I go to obtain information not listed in the publication?

Contact the register of Deeds Office with the address.

What form of payment is required when bidding on Sheriff Sales?

Payment options include cashier's checks or personal checks with prior arrangements made with the courts.

After the sale what happens prior to the Sheriff's Office issuing deed for the property?

There is a redemption period, typically set at 90 days, for the party to reclaim their property. This pertinent information will be communicated at the time of purchase and will be documented in the court order.


How do I pay my fine?

The fine can be paid online using the details provided on the back of the citation, or in person at the Clerk of the District Court's office.

How do I dispute my ticket?

You are required to attend the court hearing scheduled on the specified date and present yourself before the judge.