Status: Unincorporated
Established: 1857

The town of Geneva was founded in 1857 by free-state men.  The plan was for Geneva to be home to 300 families at once.  The area was chosen for the fertile prairie land, heavy timber, and its proximity to streams.  It was decided a large non-sectarian college and academy would be built.  A saw mill was built followed shortly thereafter by a store.  In 1858 a post office was opened.

When less than 25% of the prospected 300 families arrived, the hopes of a large city quickly diminished.  Geneva remained a small unincorporated community.  By the year 1869 Geneva was home to two stores, a blacksmith shop, a wagon shop, hotel, a church, and academy.  Geneva boasted approximately 100 residents.  Several businesses had plans to open in Geneva with the prospected railroad, but when the railroad failed to come to town, the town began to decline.  In 1920 Geneva became home to a four-room school house that offered education through high school until it closed in 1938.  In 1942 the post office closed.

Though very few buildings remain in what was once a small thriving town, Geneva still hosts beautiful farmland and areas of thick timber.