From the Desk – February 4, 2016

Citizens of Allen County,

As Sheriff, I believe it is important for my office to maintain a certain amount of communication with the people we serve. Therefore, in addition to our very active and informative Facebook page, I would like to introduce a bi-weekly correspondence straight from my desk, to you, the citizens.

To kick off the New Year, I want to provide you with a behind the scenes look into my department. The Allen County Sheriff’s Office consists of two separate departments, the Jail Division and Patrol Division, which are both housed in the Allen County Law Enforcement Center.

The Jail consists of 14 employees who provide twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week supervision to a maximum of 72 inmates. These Corrections Officers serve three meals each day to the inmates which we prepare for approximately $1.40 each which helps keep cost down. In August of 2015 we (Allen County) were being told that our “Meals on Wheels” recipients would start receiving frozen meals and would no longer be receiving their hot lunch every day. The senior population advocated for continuing to receive fresh and hot meals, so it was decided that the Correctional Kitchen Staff would prepare the daily meal for the “Meals on Wheels” recipients in addition to the inmate’s noon meal and will be delivered by volunteers Monday thru Friday. We are glad we can be part of the Meals on Wheels Program in our community.

Some of the Correctional Staffs responsibilities consist of making sure inmates arrive for local court proceedings to include making appointments for inmates to insure that they receive the proper medical attention when necessary. They also facilitate visits from family members and
attorneys. The jail currently houses individuals from outside of the county. The cost incurred for the housing of out-of-county inmates is paid to the Sheriff’s Office and then is transferred to the county general fund to offset costs associated with the building of the facility.

The Patrol division consists of the Sheriff, Undersheriff, a detective, and six road deputies, one part-time deputy and one individual currently attending the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center. The deputies provide twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week coverage of the more than five hundred square miles which make up Allen County. These professionals respond to calls for service that range from traffic enforcement, illegal drug activity, service of civil process, domestic abuse and many other requests from our citizens. As is the case with many other professions, the Deputies work in various weather conditions, work at all times of the day, and place themselves in harms way to protect the general public.

The men and women who make up each division of the Allen County Sheriff’s Office are hardworking individuals who make many sacrifices. These individuals work twelve hour shifts and rotate holidays just to make sure the job is complete. I truly appreciate the work these people do to protect and serve this community.

My next letter will reflect 2015 and the significant accomplishments this agency made during the last year.

Stay safe,

Bryan J. Murphy