Burglary and Theft

Burglary and Theft
Burglary is entering or remaining within a structure or vehicle with the intent to commit a felony, theft, or sexual battery therein.  Theft is gaining control over an item without the permission of the owner with the intent to deprive the owner of said item.  In order to help lower your risk of falling victim to Burglary and Theft, please do the following:

1. Make your home appear occupied.  Leave lights and television on while you are gone.  Most burglars do not want to encounter anybody during the commission of the crime.

2. Lock all doors and windows before leaving your home or going to bed.  This includes doors to outbuildings and garages.

3. Do not allow your mail and/or newspaper delivery to stack up while you are out of town.  Contact the Post Office and Newspaper to suspend delivery, or make arrangements for a neighbor, family member, or friend to pick the items up daily for you.

4. Store items out of sight (lawn mowers, bicycles, etc.)

5. Install exterior lighting (i.e. motion lights, porch lights, etc.)

6. Install an alarm system.

7. Do not store spare keys under floor mats, nearby flower pots, or other similar locations.  Most burglars know to look for spare keys in common locations.

8. Keep a detailed list of your valuable items.  It is recommended you keep a list of serial numbers as well.  If possible, photos of your items can be very helpful during an investigation should you fall victim to Burglary.

9. If you see suspicious activity, call 9-1-1.  Even if it is a false alarm, we would rather be safe than sorry in the event someone was planning to commit a crime.