Case: AL15-1218

Date: 12192015                      Time: 23:45

Location: U169 MP69 or 0.25 miles north of U054 in rural Iola

Investigated by: Deputy M. Aronson #105

Type: Non-Injury                    Hit and Run: No                    Police Pursuit: No

Crash Narrative: Vehicle 1 was traveling southbound when it struck a coyote that entered the roadway.

Vehicle 1 Information:

2003                                Make: Ford                               Model: Focus

License: 858FPY (Kansas)                                                         Damage: Disabling

Insurance: Yes                     Insurance Company: Farm Bureau

Removed by: Lilly’s Towing of Iola

Comments: None

Driver Information (Vehicle 1):

Name: McIntosh, Katarina E.

City: Chanute                        State: Kansas

Hospital/Mortuary: None

Age: 23                                   Sex: Female

Safety Restraint: Yes

Injury Code: No Injury

Next of Kin Notified: No

By Who: N/A

Date: N/A                               Time: N/A

Comments: None